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Warner Bros. Studio

To Play Or Not To Play

To Play Or Not To Play

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MEDIUM:  Limited Edition Cel
16" x 10.25"

ABOUT THE IMAGE: In a scene from the smash hit movie Space Jam, Bugs Bunny calls upon his classical theater training, referencing the famous “to be or not to be” scene from Shakespeare’s Hamlet  to convince superstar Michael Jordan to join the Toon Squad in the basketball game to end all basketball games.

ABOUT THE MEDIUM: This cel began with a master inking of Bugs Bunny (from the animation drawings) which was silk screened onto an acetate sheet (or cel). Each cel was then meticulously hand-inked and hand-painted on the reverse side to capture the 3-D shadow effect created by computer modeling for the film. Through modern technology, the digital background was composed with the image of Michael Jordan, taken directly from the movie and was reproduced using the lithography process. Each cel was silk screened with the Warner Bros. Animation Art Seal.

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