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The Grand Finale Lobby Card

The Grand Finale Lobby Card

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MEDIUM: Hand-Painted Limited Edition Cel with Fine Art Gicleé Background
SIZE: 17” x 21”
SKU:  CC1230

“The Grand Finale Lobby Card” represents the last of the Lobby Card Series. Instead of focusing on one character, “The Grand Finale Lobby Card” brings together many favorite Looney Tunes’ characters, each of whom is represented in the background by a lobby card once used to promote their respective cartoons.

Created by artist Juan Ortiz, the characters interact in this piece much in the same way they would on screen; Daffy “raspberries” Bugs while Wile E. intently prepares to light a stick of TNT in front of the Road Runner. The background comprises digital images of 25 original lobby cards, provided by the animation art collection of Jerry Beck.
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