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Not Nest-essarily Love

Not Nest-essarily Love

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MEDIUM:  Limited Edition Cel
14.25" x 11.75"

ABOUT THE IMAGE: In the wonderful Merrie Melodies cartoon Bad Ol Putty Tat, the diminutive Tweety is yet again simply too cunning to be caught by Sylvester, the “Bad Ol’ Putty Tat” for whom the cartoon is aptly named. In this scene, Sylvester is at it again, painting his own finger to resemble a little lady-bird and putting it in a nest in order to draw Tweety near.

ABOUT THE MEDIUM:  This Limited Edition Cel began with a Dan Haskett drawing based on a scene from the Merrie Melodies cartoon Bad Ol Putty Tat. From this drawing Laurie Dindis created the master inking which was then silk-screened with the Warner Bros. Seal onto an acetate sheet (or “cel”). Each cel was then hand-painted on the reverse side in the style of the classic cel animation. The background by Hector Martinez was reproduced on the acid-free-paper using the digital Giclee process. In the final step of production, the edition number was hand-inked on each cel in an edition size of 100.

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