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Simone Bianchi

Call of The Knight

Call of The Knight

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MEDIUM: Gicleé on Fine Art Paper
SIZE: 13.375” x 20.875”
SIGNED BY: Simone Bianchi
SKU: CP1441

MEDIUM: Gicleé on Canvas
SIZE: 16.25” x 24.75”
SIGNED BY: Simone Bianchi
SKU: CP1441D

ABOUT THE IMAGE:  This dark and twisting cover image of The Caped Crusader, was created by DC Comics cover artist, Simone Bianchi.

The image is taken from the Batman Detective series, #821-826, written by famed animation writer, Paul Dini.

“Call of The Knight” illustrates Bianchi’s dark, yet detail-oriented style. In this image of Batman, we readily observe the vigilante’s tension as he grasps the line attached to his grappling gun.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Simone Bianchi is an Italian comic book illustrator, painter, graphic designer, and art instructor, known to Italian audiences for his work in comics, CD covers, music videos, TV commercials and role-playing games.  To American comic book readers, he is best known for his work on comics such as Detective Comics, Green Lantern and Wolverine.  Bianchi's style is distinguished by his use of ink wash, or watercolor halftones in rendering his work, a non-traditional technique by mainstream American standards.

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