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DC Comics

Batman and Beyond

Batman and Beyond

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MEDIUM: Limited Edition Hand-Painted Cel
SIZE: 12” x 20” 
SIGNED BY: Bruce Timm
SKU:  CC1183

ABOUT THE ART: "Batman and Beyond" charts the Dark Knight's progression from the award-winning Warner Bros. Animated series, running from 1992through 2000. Designed by Juan Ortiz, this pan cel when viewed from left to right, portrays the three Bruce Timm art-directed versions of batman. The first Batman from The first season is the dark and vengeful character who exists in the equally vengeful Gotham City. The second Batman (Wearing his Jet-Wing) reverts to a more classic Bob Kane style, with notably grayer tones in Batman's suit as well as his utility belt. The third Batman, from Batman Beyond, entails a more Animee-influenced Batman: his suit is red and black, and his shape is more angular in contrast with the two previous Dark Knight styles. The background which shifts in coloration and building style, and features the bat signal, also reflects the seasons of change with this popular series.

The animation for this limited edition was created at the Warner Bros. Animation Studio. The design and layout were rendered by Juan Ortiz and the final tight drawing by Dan Beltran. The master inking was made by Laurie Dindis, which was then silk-screened onto an acetate sheet(or "cel") along with the Clampett Studio Collections seal of authenticity. Each cel was then expertly hand-painted on the reverse side in the classic animation style. The original background was meticulously rendered by artist Hector Martinez and reproduced utilizing a fine art giclée process. Each cel is hand-signed by famed Batman The Animated Series Producer, Bruce Timm. As a final step, each cel is hand-numbered to an ultimate edition size of 100.

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