Who is the Wildman?

WildmanPurveyor of all things artistic, The Wildman of Wildsville, known as Go Man Van Gogh, is, by no other definition, a beatnik. But oh, what a creative beatnik the Wildman is. Having an ability to create entire artistically rich worlds with a stroke of his paintbrush, his is a character unlike any in animation. Created by legendary animation director and innovator, Bob Clampett, Go Man Van Gogh appeared in Clampett’s acclaimed cartoon series, “Beany and Cecil,” and has since endured as one of the most well-loved characters in animation. With far-out dialogue voiced by one of the most famous beatniks of the times, Lord Buckley, Go Man Van Gogh’s paintbrush evokes patterns and colors which are as untamed and riotous as they are thoughtful and provocative. We at Wildsville Gallery feel Go Man Van Gogh is the perfect symbol to represent our passion for art. His eclectic nature mirrors our own love of comical characters like the Looney Tunes, to the more complex and dramatic Batman and Superman of DC Comics. Our vast collection includes prominent artists such as world-renown DC Comics artist, Alex Ross; Harry Potter artist, Mary GrandPré; and award-winning graphic novel cover artist, Glen Orbik. Undoubtedly, Go Man Van Gogh would approve of not just the diversity of our art, but our expertise in counseling the collector with their own artistic interests and desires. No, unlike Go Man, we don’t dress in caveman-type outfits or wear berets. We do, however, subscribe to his enthusiasm and principle that art has no boundaries. The Wildman believes this, and we believe in the Wildman.