Kirk Mueller

After his early career as an Art Director and Artist, Kirk’s collaboration with Warner Bros. began almost twenty years ago, but truly became noteworthy while Kirk was showcased as a featured artist at the Warner Bros. Studio Store’s galleries. An artist with multiple areas of talent (including music, writing and performing) Kirk is not only a master at character illustration, but background and illustrative painting in several mediums. He has an uncanny ability to step into the Looney Tunes characters, and while in their world, establishes innovative and creative scenes. His editions include one of the best selling releases in WBSS history: “Looney Line Up.” Kirk is also responsible for the best-selling collaboration with Harley Davidson and Warner Bros. Besides his animation cel and fine print releases, Kirk created concepts and illustrations for many of the gallery gift programs such as Christopher Radko ornaments, the Looney Tunes Christmas plate series, and the Costume Collections figures. He also was utilized for many WBSS store projects including murals for the flagship 57th Street store in New York, and the German flagship store in Berlin. His Clampett Studio Collections releases, “Bagged by Bonny Bugs” and “April in Paris” melds Kirk’s unique Looney Tune style with background settings of the Scotland Highlands and Paris.