Bruce Timm

Though much of Bruce Timm’s time has been spent producing the highly successful “Batman/Superman Adventures” and “Batman Beyond,” his first desire has always been to draw comic books. Bruce’s career began in 1981, where at Filmation, he did layout work for “Blackstar,” “Flash Gordon,” “He-Man” “The Masters Of The Universe” and “The Lone Ranger.” Though layouts were not his forte, Bruce’s work at Filmation nonetheless gave him an opportunity to draw the occasional mini-comic, which was packaged with the toys based on Filmation productions. Bruce went on to work on “Ren & Stimpy,” “The New Adventures Of Mighty Mouse” and “Beany & Cecil.” In 1989, he joined Warner Bros. to work on “Tiny Toons.” In 1992, after Bruce began model work on the Batman cartoons, he was promoted to producer. Along with Alan Burnett and Paul Dini, Bruce co-produced the award-winning “Superman” cartoon series, a highly successful second iteration of the Batman series, and finally the futuristic and newly redesigned “Batman Beyond” series. In all, Bruce’s accolades include two Eisner awards, one Harvey award and two Emmys. Only after these successful runs was Bruce finally recognized for his talent as a comic book artist. Lately, he has produced an increasing number of comics, including “Avengers #1 ½” and a “Vampirella” romance story. Bruce has worked with the team from Clampett Studio Collections over the years to produce many dynamic works of art.