Yer Out!

By: Virgil Ross

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SKU VR1000
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- Hand-Painted Limited Edition Cel
- Edition Size: 500
- Image Size: 25" x 10"
- Signed by: Virgil Ross
- Item Number: VR1000

Classic animator, Virgil Ross, who is best known for his distinctive style, character personality and fluid animation, recreates the true sense of animation in this multiple image limited edition series entitled, the "Sequential Series." Here, Mr. Ross has created a limited edition from the golden era of animation, inspired by the 1946 Warner Bro.s cartoon, "Baseball Bugs." In this image our one-rabbit baseball team slides into home base right into a classic confrontation with the umpire for the Gas House Gorillas. As usual, Bugs is up to his old verbal rabbit tricks when he convinces the umpire into changing his call from "Yer Out" to "safe!" This edition was created from original Virgil Ross pencil drawings, the edition is hand-inked, hand painted and individually number in an edition size of 500 with 50 artists proofs. Backgrounds are lithograph printed on museum quality stock. Each piece is hand-signed by Virgil Ross.