CP1493 Pepe le Pew at the Louvre

Pepe Le Pew at the Louvre


- Studio: Warner Bros.
- Gicleé on Fine Art Paper
- Unframed Retail: $125.00
- Edition Size: 250
- Image Size: 12” x  9.5”
- Item Number: CP1493

Art maybe some of the most subjective material to ever be called “good.” Picassos in one viewer’s eye might be deemed horrific while another sees all things beautiful. In many ways, Pepe Le Pew falls under this category. He is a great lover (will that’s questionable), a being of no particular olfactory offensiveness (again questionable), and one who appreciates good art (what is “good art?”). There is no better, albeit, appropriate place for Pepe than the Louvre where as a lover he has come to imagine amour in its greatest – upon the canvas. Love doesn’t speak entirely of Pep Le Pew’s talents. The skunk is also quite the accomplished artist.

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