CP1480 Mythology Sinestro

Mythology: Sinestro

From: $400

- Artist: Alex Ross
- Gicleé on Fine Art Paper
- Unframed Retail: $400.00
- Edition Size: 250
- Image Size: 18.5″ x 14.5″
- Signed by: Alex Ross
- Item Number: CP1480

- Artist: Alex Ross
- Gicleé on Canvas
- Unframed Retail: $825.00
- Edition Size: 100
- Image Size: 21.5″ x 16.5″
- Signed by: Alex Ross
- Item Number: CP1480D

Thaal Sinestro of the planet Korugar is an intergalactic super-villain and antagonist of Green Lantern. Before turning into a villain, he was originally known as the greatest member of the Green Lantern Corps ever to wield a ring, he trained many students including Hal Jordan. The Green Lantern Corps has a weakness in their power rings that prevents them from directly affecting the color yellow. Thus Sinestro’s ring shoots off yellow rays in contrast to Green Lantern’s green rays. . Alex Ross has carefully composed this Sinestro image to be a companion piece to the Green Lantern portrait.

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