VR1705 Mine Shaft Shuffle

Mine Shaft Shuffle

From: $925

- Artist: Virgil Ross
- Hand-Painted Limited Edition Cel
- Unframed Retail: $925.00
- Edition Size: 500
- Image Size: 13 1/3” x 25”
- Signed by: Virgil Ross
- Item Number: VR1705

“Mine Shaft Shuffle” is a pan cel which shows animated action much as it would appear on screen. In a famous gag. Drawn by famed Looney Tunes artist, Virgil Ross, who worked closely with the Friz Freleng-created Sam, the diminutive, but ornery character was created as a more worthy adversary to Bugs Bunny than Elmer Fudd.

“Mine Shaft Shuffle” is a hand drawn, inked and painted cel with a lithograph printed background. Each piece in the edition has been signed by golden age animator extraordinaire, Virgil Ross.