Circus of Life

From: $600

- Studio: Warner Bros
- Hand-Painted Limited Edition Cel
- Unframed Retail: $600.00
- Edition Size: 100
- Image Size: 16” x 19”
- Item Number: CC1214

Spoofing “The Lion King,” The Circus of Life is the second in a series of Clampett Studio original art pieces created to spoof Disney Animated films.

This piece harkens back to a Looney Tunes past, where Warner Bros. animation was known for mocking established movies, characters and world events. The Circus of Life relives the cartoon studio’s well-known sarcasm; an irreverence that other cartoon studios of the time dared not attempt.

The Circus of Life was drawn by Juan Ortiz, and hand-inked by Laurie Dindis. The original background was rendered by Hector Martinez.