CP1494 Bugs and Marvin the Martian

Bugs and Marvin the Martin


- Studio: Warner Bros.
- Gicleé on Fine Art Paper
- Unframed Retail: $125.00
- Edition Size: 250
- Image Size: 12” x  9.5”
- Item Number: CP1494

Before man went to the moon, it took the efforts of many animals to go where no human had gone before. Director Chuck Jones in the 1948 short, “Haredevil Hare” puts Bugs in this same pioneer’s position. Once on terra-not-so-firma, the first rabbit on the moon encounters villains Marvin the Martin (Commander X-2) and K-9, who plan to stage a massive lunar attack against Earth. In this scene, Bugs has alighted to X-2’s desires, and responded in kind by dousing the Uranium PU 36 explosive modulator which will trigger the explosive rocket X-2 has aimed earthward.

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